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Everyone wants to have straight, white teeth. Various deposits and dental calculus appear on the enamel. They can be removed with professional cleaning. At home, this effect will not be achieved. It will be useful to get acquainted with this procedure.

What is ultrasonic teeth cleaning

The dentist with the help of sonic and ultrasonic scalers easily removes deposits during professional cleaning of the teeth. During the operation of the device, the effect of cavitation is observed. Air bubbles form and collapse in the fluid flow. This is accompanied by hydraulic shocks. The tool vibrates when interacting with the tooth. As a result, sufficient energy is generated to remove deposits. During the procedure, soft and hard tissues are not damaged. Before ultrasonic cleaning of stone bridges, if they are tightly adhered to the enamel, chemical etching of hard dental deposits is applied. This is the coating of the teeth with acidic or alkaline solutions that soften the dental calculus.

Antiseptic treatment lies in the irrigation of the oral cavity with a solution of Chlorhexidine. Some types of scalers allow you to remove tartar immediately with the supply of this tool. In scalers, water is supplied through the tip. After ultrasonic cleaning, the tooth surface is polished to create unfavorable conditions for soft plaque to adhere. Polishing is carried out using rubber tools with the addition of a low-abrasive paste.


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