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Periodontal surgery is one of the branches of dentistry that deals with the treatment and elimination of pathologies in the structures surrounding the tooth. The purpose of surgical interventions is to restore health and functionality of tissues.

What is gingival plastic

Gingival plastic is an operation, the purpose of which is to correct, restore or change the gingival contour. People resort to this procedure in order to recreate aesthetics or for medical reasons. Plastic solves a wide range of problems. Depending on the purpose, during the procedure, you can remove excess tissues, increase the missing ones. Gingival plastic makes it possible to correct the zone of one or several teeth, or the entire row. Manipulation is carried out on the upper or lower gums. The cost of the service depends on the volume, type of intervention.

Bone regeneration

The tactics of performing surgical intervention depends on the condition of the jawbone. With a small amount of tissue, the width of the bone is increased. Some patients have insufficient bone height. Then the dentist builds up immediately when installing the pin. You can not immediately load the implant. It takes several months for the pin to take root.

There are 3 main stages of bone tissue regeneration:

The primary tissue response is divided into 3 phases: early, intermediate and recovery.


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