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White, straight teeth are the key to a beautiful smile. Many people dream about it. To achieve this goal, dentists used composite materials to restore a tooth. This technique has many advantages, one of which is a chic aesthetic effect.

What is composite dental filling?

Tooth filling considered the standard method for restoring tooth shape and aesthetics. Until the invention of composite materials, it was performed with a material based on dental cement. Such fillings were noticeable, and the level of aesthetics of the dentition left much to be desired. Thanks to modern technologies, dentists have begun to use plastic composites, which make it possible to obtain any color shade of the tooth filling. They ideally restore the anatomical shape, are not noticeable at all.

Benefits of restoring teeth with composites

Composite dental restorations offer many benefits. These include:

This is a modern technique that is significantly superior to standard fillings.


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