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This is one of the most widespread, necessary dental procedures. Endodontic therapy is the cleaning of the root teeth and canals from infection. In addition to eliminating inflammation, the procedure has a pronounced preventive effect.

Dental nerve removal

In dental practice, under the extraction of a tooth, depulpation is suggested. The procedure begins with the opening of the carious cavity, the entrance to the dental cavity. The pulp is removed first from the cavity of the tooth, and then from the root canals. Then, they are sealed, a common seal is installed. This eliminates the risk of infection spreading to the periodontal tissues, periosteum, and jawbone, which is life-threatening. A tooth with a removed nerve will never hurt. Even though that there are many nerve endings in the pulp, depulpation is painless. Modern local anesthetics completely prevent pain during the process.

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Root canal filling

Root canal filling is required in the treatment of pulpitis or periodontitis. Before the procedure, they are always treated with antiseptic and mechanical treatment. With the help of special tools, they expand the lumen of the root canals, making their walls smoother. Without this, the high-quality filling is impossible. The canals are sealed with radiopaque materials so that the quality of the procedure can be assessed radiologically. Usually, gutta-percha pins are used for this in combination with a special paste. Qualitatively carried out filling allows for preventing further reproduction of the infection in the root canals, at the top of the tooth root.


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