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Primary teeth fall out oftentimes. This is normal. When molars fall out, implants are required. This happens with children usually due to injuries resulting from an active lifestyle. The smile zone is most often affected at falling. Implantation of the upper teeth in childhood involves a number of features.

Features of dental implantation in children

The nuances of implantation of dental units in children are associated with the growth process. During teeth implantation in adults, dentist takes into account only the anatomical and physiological features, the correct distribution of chewing load. In the case of children, doctor is faced with the task not to harm jaw development process.

For children prosthetics, dentistry uses suitable materials that:

Implants are made of acrylic, steel with different types of coating, metal alloys, zirconium. When prosthetics of primary teeth, it is not necessary to prepare dental units, grind them to a certain shape. Temporary implants are much smaller.


There are a number of restrictions on dental implants in children. Among them:

Also, implants are not placed on children who are allergic to the material from which they are made.


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