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Malocclusion is one of the most common dental problems. The anomaly is diagnosed in childhood. Then you can still correct the wrong bite with the help of special devices. In adulthood, surgical correction is usually performed.

Elastic arches

Orthodontic arches are an important element of the bracket system. They create pressure on the braces, which promotes tooth movement. Initially, these devices have an anatomically correct shape of the dentition.

The principle of operation of elastic arcs is as follows:

Depending on what material the bite correction device is made of and what section it has, the arcs are moderately elastic or very rigid. Each type is used at a certain stage of treatment.

Frenkel devices

The device is an orthodontic structure for correcting abnormal bite, straightening uneven teeth, and treating jaw deformities. With the help of the apparatus, congenital pathological defects of the dentoalveolar apparatus in children are corrected. The design is worn from 3-4 years. This is an analogue of braces, widely used in orthodontics. The action of corrective devices is based on mechanical pressure on the dentition.

The Frenkel device is very different from other orthodontic designs:

To achieve a result, it is necessary to wear orthodontic constructions for as long as the dentist says.


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